The poor dog could not sleep at night as he looked at his owners all the time

At first, people did not understand the reason for such behavior but then what they knew broke their hearts.
This story made people cry.
Once the family decided to adopt a doggy.

So, they went to the shelter and chose a pet. The animal integrated into the family so easily.
But after some time they noticed something strange in his attitude.

This behavior seemed strange and they took the animal to the vet.
But it turned out that he was healthy.

So, they decided to go back to the shelter from where they took the animal and talk about his behavior.
And what eventually they learned made them cry.

It became obvious that his ex-owner gave him a sleeping pill and took him to the shelter. So, the poor animal could not even say goodbye to him.

And that’s why the dog did not want to sleep and separate from his owners even at night. The poor animal was afraid that the new owners would do the same.

But this new family wanted the dog to be sure and protected. So, they allowed him to sleep in their bedroom.
They always wanted to show how they loved him and highlight his importance in their family.

Now, the dog is happier than ever.

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