The poor creature lying on the road did not have the strength to ask for help

A little cat was lying on the grass. But this cat could not appear there on its own. The cat was wet and exhausted.
Once, a girl noticed her. When the cat saw her she wanted to go ahead of the girl but could not do so.

She could not even meow or make a sound. The cat only hoped that the girl would help her.
The girl saw that the cat could not move. And most probably it was because the animal was thrown away.

I want to believe that it was by accident but not.
So, the girl took the cat to the hospital.

The animal went for an examination and it turned out that she had broken legs. Surgery was performed. But the doctors did only one leg as the animal was already exhausted. So, they postponed the operation till she felt better.

They named the cat Musa. After some days she went to the hospital again.
During this time she lived with the girl who saved her. She has a special color as well.

She is a smart cat and very friendly. And hopefully, the doctors would perform the second surgery and she will feel even better. This cat survived thanks to this kind girl.

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