The poor cat was in the parking lot and the man helped the animal without knowing that she was pregnant

The man suddenly noticed the animal who was wandering in the parking lot. He wanted to come closer to the animal but it was afraid and did not want to make any contact.

A month passed but the man saw the same animal and the winter was approaching so he could not leave the poor cat alone there.
Then, Sylvain knew that the animal appeared there 2 months ago.

The cat needed someone’s help. So, he captured the cat and shared them on social media. He thought that it would help to find owners.

So, the man also asked the rescue group for help. All activists were busy and the man should catch the animal alone.

So, he started to feed the animal every day. He did this to win her trust. And after some time the animal started to trust him and was no longer afraid of him. So, the man managed to catch the animal.

Then, he took the animal home and fed her. The animal was feeling safe.
The same week the man took the animal to the hospital to make sure everything was good with her.

Later, it became obvious that she was pregnant.
The man named the cat Tisha. And looked after her till the volunteers started to take care of the babies.

After some time a woman took the cat.
Tisha quickly became used to her new place. The woman also helped her to give birth.

Now, the babies are all safe and healthy.
So, if the cat stayed on the street she could not survive. So, thanks to the kind man they are now all in safe and protected hands.

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