The poor cat entered the cafe and asked for help, her babies were freezing in the cold

We sometimes hear such stories but think that they are invented by people. And we think that such things could not happen. But this was something else. Once, a cat entered the cafe and got at the center of everyone’s attention.

People thought that she was asking for food. But when they went outside it seemed that the animal asked them to follow her. So, people could not stay indifferent and followed her. Soon they found a cardboard box.

The box was in the woods. The animal was also nervous and scratched the box. So, one of them decided to open the box and found babies inside there. The mother took the babies and started to feed them.

So, people took the box and the family to their home. Here the babies got first aid. People cleaned and warmed them and they started to feel better. And now the babies are looking for caring owners.

So, the mother cat did her best to help her babies and thanks to the kind people the whole family survived.

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