The poor abused dog finally found her better life

Angel was the most suitable name for this dig. This poor baby was tortured but he was innocent.
Finally, he was released from the chains and was already free. Now he had hope for a better life.

But not everything went as planned.
The trainer of the dog decided to contact the animal protection organization.

Angel was safe here but had so many things to do.
He had a lack of socialization and sometimes behaved aggressively.

And this was a great problem. So, the animal was sent to foster care and here his behavior was controlled by a therapist.
Will this end for Angel?

And finally, the end was seen.
August 2021 was an important period in her life.

Capucine and Florian who were future veterinarians decided to become parents for Angel.
This was the start of a new adventure.

Angel gradually turned into the dog she should be at first.
Let’s hope that soon everything will be good with her.

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