The police officer saved an owl stuck in a plastic bag

This horned owl survived due to the kind of police officers.
People once noticed a scared owl who could not fly because of being stuck in a bag.

Kind people could not stay indifferent and called the police to help the poor animal.
The police officer named Brandalyn Crapo came to the place where everything happened.

These species are not uncommon but it’s rare to spot them.
When the help arrived they saw the bird stuck in the plastic bag.

So, she asked the rescuers team and while it arrived she covered the bird to reduce her fear.
After some minutes, one of the rehabilitation specialists came to save the owl.

They concluded that most probably the birth mistook the bag for prey during the night hunt.
So, the bird ended up stuck.

Finally, they managed to save the owl and it was not harmed. The officer pictures the rescued team and later the bird was released into the wild.
Thanks to the officer and kind people the bird was saved.

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