The police officer eventually found a new friend

The dog’s behavior depends on its genetics only.
Pit bulls unfortunately have a bad reputation. Everyone found them as aggressive creatures. But this is not the case.

So, eventually, there are so many pit bulls at the shelter because of this but they do not deserve such a life. The owners of pit bulls will confirm how sweet they are and how well they get along with kids. They are so loyal to their owners and get along with others very well.

And once one police officer witnessed such a wrong stereotype.
Once, the police department got a call about an aggressive dog.

Arriving there, the man found a dog. So, he left the car door open so he could easily come back if needed.
The dog came towards him. But he was not aggressive at all. She also allowed him to pet her. The man finally calmed down.

They became friends and took photos together.

The man understood that you should not judge such animals without knowing them.
He also wrote about the case on Facebook and asked everyone not to share bad stereotypes about pit bulls.

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