The police officer delivered a fawn from a dead mom via cesarean section

The police officer found a pregnant deer on the road. The mother was almost dead but the baby was alive. The man did a cesarean section and the baby was born.

At first the man did not want to do anything but then he noticed that her belly was moving.
He realized that he can help the baby to be born.

So, he pulled out 2 fawns.
But unfortunately one of the babies was dead. But the second one had chances to stay alive.

Then, he called the animal rescue center. One of the specialists named Robert Lagonera looked after the little deer.
He cleaned the baby and took him home to warm him up.

Also, it’s necessary to do a stimulating massage for the baby.
When everyone knew about this story, many people started to praise the men for their good deeds.

The fawn started to grow up and feel well.
Then the men took him to the shelter where the staff treated the little deer very well. He was in safe hands.

And now he is doing great.
When he grows up he will be released to the wild.

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