The police officer adopted the abandoned dog after finding him on the street

Last year, a police officer found a dog that did not have a collar. The animal was on the street all alone.
So, he took the animal to the hospital for an examination.

The man always wanted to keep a pet so he could not stop thinking about this dog.
So, he told the staff that he wants to take the puppy.

So, the workers treated the wound and scanned him to find a microchip.
Afterward, they wanted for some time to find the owners but no one was found.

So, finally, the man adopted the puppy.
The dog was about three months old.

The man admitted that he always dreamt about having a puppy.
So, he could not stay indifferent.
He called the animal Thor.

No one knows what life he had before meeting the man. But the man is sure that the puppy will have a bright future.
He will be happy for the rest of his life.

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