The police found the lost child thanks the footprints of the dog

The parents once woke up and could not find their son who was about 2 years old. They used to lock the house when they slept. But that day the door was unlocked and they could not find their son. They were both confused and started to look forward to their child.

The family was living in a wooded area. There are many lakes around and the father thought that their son had drowned. They looked at the area but could not find anyone. They only saw the tracks of their dog called Apollo who was the full member of their family.

The family called the police. When the team arrived they started to follow the track of the dog.
‘Without this, we could not find the direction of their son said the police officer.

The baby was missing for 3 hours. But due to the dog, he was found. Luckily, the boy was unharmed.
The police were sure that the dog saved the boy.

If he was not there the worse could happen.

‘We were lucky to have such a loyal dog. Thanks to it our son was alive,’ said the parents.
Who knows what could happen if the dog was not there?

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