The police dog was injured while doing his duties

K9 dogs are even ready to be in dangerous situations just to protect their people. This dog also did important work when searching and chasing the criminals.
The dog called Bruno got injured while chasing the criminal.

So, he was a real hero as he saved the life of the policeman.
Bruno was shot and it was awful to see.

The dog was immediately transferred to the hospital. And he underwent 2 operations.
After a week he reunited with his men.

Now he is healthy but he is already retired. Officer Young adopted him and took his family.
‘Many people do not understand the importance of dogs’ said the man.

He added the dog is like a son to me. I will stay with him for the rest of my life.
He named the dog Yukon.
They had a special bond that no one could believe. They will always live together.

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