The poisonous cobra helped the babies who were in a well

The puppies were found in a well near a poisonous cobra whose length was up to 2 meters.
The babies were found by people who were passing near the well and suddenly heard strange noises coming from there.

They hurried to see what it was.
So, they found 2 small babies next to the dangerous cobra.

People were scared for the puppies’ lives when they saw the snake. But their fears were in vain as the cobra was not going to harm the puppies. On the contrary, she looked at the babies for 2 days and was very careful of them.

She looked after them till the rescuer group arrived.
So, after the team arrived the cobra left the puppies and disappeared.

The snake was very friendly and was there to help the babies. The rescuer group was itself amazed. So, the people managed to save the puppies and now they are in safe hands. Hopefully, they will find kind owners soon.

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