The pit bull was left alone and cried in the cage

The pictures of the crying animal called Blue King melted everyone’s hearts. The animal was abandoned by its owners. But thankfully, the story ended happily.

Blue’s owners gave him to the shelter as they did not want to take it to their new home.
The staff owner wanted to take care of him but he rejected.

The dog was crying all the time.
Many animals are put to sleep if no one wants to adopt them.

And the longer he stayed there the lower were the chances to be adopted.
But the staff decided to help the poor creature.

So, they shared a photo of him and hoped that it would help to find a family. And it helped. Soon, he found a family.
A woman called Jennifer chose him over the other animals.

‘He was so depressed and did not even notice me, so he did not even move and it made me to chose him and save his life’ she said.

Look how he has changed over time. Now he is a totally different creature
Now he is feeling well and thanks to the kind woman he survived.

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