The pit bull trusted all her 11 newborn puppies to the woman who saved her

Sometimes we do not understand certain things about dogs.
The woman named Stevonie Wells Doyle took a dog called Grace from the shelter.

At that time Grace was pregnant. But Mrs. Doyle was not scared of it.
The woman provided the dog with a comfortable home and care. Get along with her very quickly.

And then 11 puppies were born.
And when they were born, the mother gave them to the woman. And this was a touching moment.

Animals do not trust their babies to everyone. The woman managed to capture the moment and posted it on social media. It went viral.

Many people thought that in that way Grace wanted to thank the woman. Others thought that the mother just wanted to relax.

Anyway, it was an emotional moment and melted everyone’s heart.
Animals deserve our love and care. Be careful with them.

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