The pit bull saved the man’s life when a shark attacked him

Many people prefer going fishing on sunny days.
A man named James White was also among these people.

But he did not expect that it could happen to him when he approached the ocean.
When he bit the fish he felt a strong resistance.

Then something started to drag him down.
It turned out to be a shark.

The man did not understand what was happening at first but the predator managed to attack him.
The man started to scream in pain and hoped that someone would hear and help him.

But then magic happened. His dog named Darby suddenly appeared.
The dog rushed the shark.

So, the loyal dog protected his owner.
After some time the shark weakened.

It turned out that the man left the dog near the car and when the dog heard his voice he understood that he needed help. So, he hurried to protect him.

The dog endangered his life but saved the man.
The animal was a real hero and the man was proud of him.

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