The pilot diverted the flight to save the poor animal from freezing

The Canadian pilot cut the flight to save the dog.
During the flight, the commander noticed a problem with one of the luggage of passengers.

The dog would die if it were left there as the temperature would soon drop.
But the pilot saved this poor dog by emergency landing in another city.

At this airport, the owner of the pet shifted to another plane with the dog named Simba.
Other passengers had to wait for a little while before continuing their journey.

This landing cost about $10,000.
But they could continue flying if they did not notice the dog.

And the temperature was normal at that time.

But the commander felt sorry for the pet and took the responsibility to do so. And it was the right decision made by him.
The owner of the dog was so thankful to him as he loved his pet very much and accepted him as his child.

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