The pilot dedicated his life to saving animals, so he took them to their homes

The man named David Tan from the USA served for about 40 years. After he retired he devoted his life to helping poor animals.
Using the aircraft he delivered pets to their new owners in other cities.

He started to do this in 2012 and has already moved thousands of animals.
He collaborated with non-profit organizations that provided him with animals.

Many people are very cruel to their pets. And they even get rid of their pets and do not think about what could happen to them.
David feels sorry for them.

So, he transports animals from one place to another. And even he took them to the owners himself.
Every time he does this he hopes that the new families will treat them well.

Many people even pay him for this.
He never refuses the money but he takes it for other medical expenses needed for the animals.
He is worth praising.

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