The photographer suddenly met the oldest alive lion

A photographer called Leighton Lum once noticed the oldest lion and captured him without hesitation.
The man is a wildlife photographer and is always surrounded by wild animals.

Once he traveled to Kenya and met a real legend.
He was lucky enough to meet Morani.


The lion is now alone and is considered to be the oldest lion in the world.
Morani showed his leadership from an early age.

Now he is the king of the jungle.
But he is retired and his body is already aging.

From his body, it’s obvious that he participated in many great battles.
So, the photographer did not lose the chance and captured him.

Morani now sleeps twenty hours a day.
Also, from his face it’s obvious that he lived a lot, said the man.

Now he is fighting for the last years of his life.
The man was so happy to meet him.

Here, you can see the photos of Morani.

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