The photographer saved a bear cub

Under the state’s law, the man could pay a $ 6,000 fine for his actions or maybe appear in bars for a year.

The photographer named Corey Hancock suddenly noticed a small spot in the leaves. He approached and found a bear cub.

The cub was almost dead.
The photographer later said that his son was the same age as the cub and could not stay indifferent.

He could not leave the animal there in such a hopeless condition.
So, he took the animal and ran to the car.

But he also considered the cub’s mother who could attack him since they have the habit to leave their cubs and then return for a while. What if she returned and could not find the cub?

So, he stayed there for some time and realized that no one was nearby.
He also felt that the cub’s breathing stopped so he started to give artificial respiration to the cub.

The doctors found that the bear was dehydrated.
So, also the man would not be fine as the mother abandoned her cub. And due to the man’s heroic act, the animal was saved.

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