The photographer captured how the scared lion climbed io to a tree to escape from buffalos

The photographer named Neelutpaul Barua captured the rare moment when a group of buffalos attacked a lion.

If a predator could not fight off it himself could become prey.
This time luck was with buffaloes.

The hungry animals wanted to attack the young lion so it escaped by climbing a tree.
But this again was not safe for him. Because of his weight, he rolled down to the ground.

So, he understood that it was not a reliable place and herd of the hungry animals.
If he did something wrong he would appear in front of the angry animals.

The lion was lucky as the animals waited for some time and then by losing their interest they left.
So, the lion jumped down and ran.

This was a rare thing to see. The photographer did not lose the moment and captured it.
‘I calmed down and took some shots’ said Neelutpaul.

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