The photo was captured of a mother gorilla who saw her baby for the first time

The mother had some complications during childbirth and doctors had to separate her from her baby for a while. And the meeting of the mother with her baby was very touching.

We all know that the greatest love on earth is a mother’s love.
Like people, gorillas also could suffer from birth or postpartum complications.

So, the old pregnant gorilla called Kiki had some difficulties and was given a cesarean section.
The doctors had to separate the baby from its mother for a while. But it will not last long.

The mother would recover, the baby would get treatment and they would reunite again.
After some time, the family was finally reunited. It was a long-awaited moment and it turned out to be very touching.

Everyone who witnessed it could not hide their tears.
The mother took the baby carefully and did not want to leave her anymore.

She looked at her baby with a caring look and hugged her again.
Mothers’ love for their babies could not be described by words.

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