The pensioner hugged the dog and decided not to give it to anyone

The last few months have been so cold. And one rainy day, this little puppy appeared on the street. The baby was inside the box. The poor creature was shivering from the cold.

I felt sorry for the puppy but I could only feed him. My children often came to see me and the dog would not be a pleasant neighbor for them. So, we agreed with the neighbor that he would create a warm place for the puppy.

So, the puppy would stay with him for some days. After that, he would be sent to the shelter.
After a week when we came to take the animal, the man did not give it back to us.

During the week, the old man became used to the animal and decided to keep it forever. And this made us happy. The poor animal now has a home and a kind owner like this old man.

They became used to each other and created a good companion. The man named the puppy Dick. Later, a puppy kennel appeared in their yard and the dog took the responsibility of taking care of them.

The dog always accompanied the owner and they did everything with the help of each other.
The amazing relationship that no one would expect.

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