The patient wanted to cry when a therapy horse rests his head on his chest

Audrey Spake’s father had many illnesses and was left bedridden.
Doctors did their best to save his body but then amagic happened. This uninvited giest appeared who cured his soul.

Pacoca was a therapy horse and its mission is to work with people and help them.
After their first meeting, Audrey posted an emotional video from that moment.

In that video, you can see how the horse pressed his head to his chest. He suggested his love and care.
He felt what Joao needed.

Joao will never forget what happened.
Many doctors are convinced that such animals have beneficial effects on patients.

They do a great job and reduce their pain and depression.

So, the animal not only helped this patient but his whole family and friends.
Audrey said that it was an amazing job and he would never forget it.

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