The parents adopted 7 neglected siblings so they could not lose each other

The couple adopted 7 siblings into their large family. They already had ten children but that did not stop them from doing so.

They adopted 3 children from the same family but they learned that they had 4 more siblings and decided to adopt them so the whole family would be reunited.

The process of adoption was not an easy job so it lasted about a year.
But eventually, they reached their goal.

The children were happy in their new family.
Now, they often spend time with their parents.

They visit the zoo, cinema, and other entertainment places. The couple does their best to make them happy.

All children are very kind and joyful. They often hug and thank us for adopting them
The couple enjoys being surrounded by many children.

They want noise and fun to be always in their home. They have so many children but they are very careful of all of them. No one stays without proper care and attention.

Many people find them crazy, but we enjoy our life.

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