The paralyzed cat copes with all difficulties so her babies could survive

Passers-by found a paralyzed cat in the suburbs of Los Angeles.
The cat was pregnant.

The animal was injured.
Then she started to give birth. But then something went wrong and 2 babies died.

The cat was transferred to the hospital where doctors did a Cesarean section.
She gave birth to 4 cats and fortunately they were all alive.

The cat was very attentive to her babies.
But nothing could be done with her paralysis and she will always remain with such legs.

She managed to feed 6 babies and when they grew up they found owners.
Now the mother cat also should find a permanent home and owner.

But it was difficult to find owners for such a disabled cat.
But then the activities from “Milo’s Sanctuary” helped the animal.

Zoe Sessler wanted to adopt the animal when she first saw her.
She named the animal Trixie.

The animal felt safe when the owner hugged her.
Now everything will be good for her.

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