The owners left their cat at home for a month, and when they returned they found 5 cats

The family had to go on with their business and the cat stayed at home alone.
And when the family returned they found 5 cats living in their house.

This story spread on social media and the cat became Robinson in one month.
During the business trip the owners were worried if the cat could stay without water and food because they did not plan on leaving the house for more than a couple of days.

But the trip lasted a month.
So, when they returned they found the pet in perfect health.

And they also found 4 unknown cats who were walking around the house.
Ley was a smart cat.

The cat found a big bag of food and fed itself.
So he did not leave hungry.

The owners forgot to close the window and the animal used the opportunity to go outside and then return.

‘We were concerned about Ley, as we did not know whether he could stay without food or not’ said the owners.

And this was also an opportunity for other cats as well. Ley was bored and took his friends to home.

Now, there are other cats living in the house.
But having 5 cats at once was challenging for the family.

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