The owners left the dog alone and it could not part away with his blanket

The family once decided to get rid of their pet and it appeared on the street. The dog was left outside with its blanket.
One day, the resident who went for a walk found the poor creature. It was a cold day.

The animal was lying on her blanket and did not want to move. She thought that the owners would come back and take her.
The neighbor could not stay indifferent and helped her.

But it was hard as every time they wanted to approach her blanket she ran away.
The dog called Camille was so scared of everything and everyone.
But suddenly the Marine managed to catch the dog.

Marine was so careful with the dog that after some time she started to trust people.
The dog is now at the shelter and gets lots of love and care.

She became a completely different dog and let’s hope that soon she will find a caring and loving family.

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