The owner whose house was burned down found her saved cat

The family had to leave their house.
And during this, they could not find their pet. They thought that their cat had died.

Laura Ringenberger looked for her kitten for an hour and then lost her hope.
She thought that they could not find the cat any more.

The fire destroyed their house and many other houses in the same area.
And because of this Laura could not return to their house.

But she could not forget about the animal and hoped that she could escape.
After some time, Laura managed to come back.

She walked there and called her name.
And suddenly she heard a familiar noise.

She followed the noise and found her cat.
Fortunately, the animal was alive.

The moment was indescribable when I found her, said Laura.
I could not live without her and I would always feel guilty for her.
Now the cat is with her family and they will soon move to a new place.

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