The owner wanted to get rid of the kitten as it had unusual paws since birth

The small tiny cat was in a hospital. The kitten had congenital pathology. He had unusual paws. So, that was why the owners wanted to get rid of the animal who had defects. So, they left the animal alone. And from that moment the cat was alone in the world.

Only doctors looked after him. But he needed a permanent home where he would be safe and protected. One of the workers of the clinic felt sorry for the animal. So, over time she decided to take the kitten to her house.

The baby was shy at first. She could not imagine that she was not alone anymore.
The dig called Mojito immediately paid attention to her and took the responsibility of taking care of it.

The dog also felt sorry for the cat. Or maybe she felt some maternal instincts in her.
The cat also was thankful for such behavior.

She was smaller than the dog but was not afraid of her.
Mojito was very careful of her.

So, she replaced the role of her mother.

She did everything necessary for her and was a real caring mother.
The baby cat felt safe near the dog.

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