The owner get rid of the dog because of his facial part but then the surgery changed his life

Bjarmi was taken to the shelter in 2015.
Before it, the poor animal was wandering along the streets with his nose that was torn off.

Also, he had some wounds and bite marks.
The dog had owners but they got rid of him.

The founder of the animal rescue center saw the poor animal and decided to look after him.
They decided to keep the animal till he would recover.

The animal was so playful but because of his injuries, he was changed.
It was even difficult for him to breathe.

A charitable organization organized a fund for this poor creature.
This story touched everyone’s heart.

During a week $5,100 was gathered.
The operation was performed and everything went well.

His nose was deformed but everything else was normal.
Soon he will be able to find owners.

He regained his charm.
After his recovery, they soon find owners for him.

”We are so glad to find him,” said the new owners.
It’s nice that there are kind people like Ann Grabbar who help the poor animals in need. Thanks To her efforts the dog’s life was changed.

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