The owner asked doctors to euthanize the animal but then the angel spotted him

The American dog was born different from his siblings.
He was blind and had a half-formed ear. The owner thought that he could not look after the baby and took it to the shelter.

Here, there is a high percentage that doctors would euthanize him.
So, they would do so if no one would like to adopt him.

Everything changed when one of the volunteers of the animal center organization found him.
The girl noticed this cute and shy puppy.

So, she could not stay indifferent and decided to help him.
Nicole took him home and named him Cap.

The baby had some disorders but fortunately, he is healthy.
The puppy now appeared in a place where there are many dogs. He was shy at first but then everything changed.

The family members did not pay attention to his appearance and loved him so much.
The girl often posted pictures with Cap and his photos gained everyone’s attention. Now the puppy had even more followers.
Now he is living his best life with caring owners and family members.

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