The owl survived due to kind police officers and activists

An owl was spotted who could not fly because he was stuck in a plastic bag. Kind people decided to ask the police to help the poor bird.

The officer named Brandalyn Crapo came to help. These species of birds are not uncommon but they are hard to spot. So, this bird was now stuck in a bag and could not fly.

So, she parked the car in a way that passing cars could not harm it. They were now waiting for the volunteers to come and help. The owl was also scared of everything.

They should all be very careful.
After some time, a specialist named James McKinley came to save the bird.

And they thought that most probably the bird mistook the bag for prey and appeared in such a condition. So, it ended up stuck.

But fortunately, they managed to save the bird and it was unharmed.
The officer also took a picture with her and they released the bird away.

So, thanks to these kind people the bird was saved.
Kindness will save the world.

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