The orphaned fawn was saved and the dog started to look after him

German Shepherds are the most loyal pets in the world. These dogs are even ready to sacrifice their lives to save their owners. And, it seemed that Sarge was among them. His owners had a habit of saving animals and the dog also became a sensual one.

He looks after those who need it.
Cheryl together with her dog lives in Ohio. The woman always brought wounded animals home.

Now, she has 2 sons and managed to instill love in them.
We brought the dog when he was 9 years ago, said the owner.

These abandoned dogs lost their hope of being adopted.
The shepherd was not always kind to everyone.

Sarge was an active puppy. But he changed his character overtime when the woman brought an injured fawn home. So, he became his guardian.
They were not the only pets in the family.

They also have a pet called Big Roo, a horse and pony.
The woman had a habit of rescuing animals and helping them to have a better life.

So, they all got along with each other and found a common language.

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