The origins of the internet’s new favorite – the curly kitten

Lately, a picture of a very unusual cat spread on the internet like a wildfire. The cutie has orange fur and very cute curls.

It’s a feline that has unique gens. The kitten is not genetically close to the Hungarian pigs that have curly fur.

In 1987, in animal shelters of the city of Montana, the cat with the name DePesto was born. At that time she was the only curly-haired cat known.

Seemingly, the cat came from the breed of “Persians”. All of her future kittens had similar curly fur meaning the gene was a dominant one.

This breed is relatively new. Till these days most of the babies of the “Selkirks” are being made with infringements. Which cat is purebred and which one is crossbred is still a question.

With the popularity of this latest kitten, which got viral on the internet, the backstory also surfaced. Many who loved the kitty got invested in defending the animal’s rights and of the breed as well.

The opponent party stated that rescue centers and shelters aren’t made to produce mutated animals. There’s no need to increase mutated animals in numbers, as they will usually end up on the streets. The truth is somewhat in the middle.

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