The old woman traveled all around the world without spending money

A woman named Marilyn Hartman always loved traveling around the world. She traveled to London, Copenhagen, Barcelona, and other places in the last 19 years.

Now, she has traveled almost half of the world.
But what’s surprising is that she did not spend money while traveling.

She first traveled to Copenhagen.
This story recently became famous and spread all over the world.

She was noticed in one of the airports.
But recently the court forbade her to continue doing the tricks.

At this time she was at the O’Hare Airport and she revealed the method that she used while traveling.

‘So, I try to pass the control right behind the person who is noticeable’. And during this time everyone thinks that I am in the company, she said.

So, she overall traveled 30 times with these tricks.
But her future fate would be decided by the authorities.

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