The old woman met her daughter for the first time in her life

The woman named Gerda Cole got the most valuable gift for her birthday. After 80 years of separation, she will meet her daughter. No one could expect such a reunion.

And all this was due to the grandson of the woman.
The girl had to find her parents to solve some problems with citizenship.

But her searches were unsuccessful. Her adoptive parents told her that they were dead.
But Stephen’s search was successful. He finally found her granda who was in a nursing home.

His grandma had to emigrate to Austria from England during the war. At that time she was about 18 years old and could not look after her child.

So, she gave her up for adoption.
When Sonya heard that her mom was alive she bought tickets to come to England and celebrate her birthday.

‘I did not know that my mom was alive. Now, I have many questions for her,’ she said.
It was an emotional reunion after 80 years of separation.

Now they have a chance to talk with each other. They also found that they have many things in common.

The woman was so happy to see her daughter. She was thankful to Stephan who did not give up and did everything for their reunion.

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