The old woman devoted her life to cleaning beaches, what was the reason?

People can achieve a lot in just 1 year. Many people achieve in their careers, others give birth to their long-awaited children, and many of them reach their desired physical shape.

But this case is rare. A woman named Pat Smith cleaned 52 beaches.
The woman spent the years on the beaches.

The woman is the founder of the environmental campaign.
Most of the garbage consists of everyday waste.

I am shocked how people can pollute our beaches in this way, said the woman.
I try to protect our planet from waste. And I will never stop doing so, she continued.

We all should be responsible for doing so.
Also, she encourages people to do so.

I could not understand how people could do so.
The woman devoted her life to cleaning beaches and she managed to clean almost 52 beaches.
Nice job!

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