The old veteran was eating alone and the act of the kind waiter won everyone’s hearts

Waiters’ work is really difficult. They sometimes want to talk with the customers but they do not have enough time for this.
Once, the old man was eating alone in the cafe. And the waiter named Dylan Tetil while taking the order knelt.

The woman named Lisa, who was next to the table, was worried about what happened. She only heard that the man was a veteran and was 91 years old.

The man lost his hearing in the Second World War and now he did not take a hearing aid.
So, Dylan did so to hear the man.

And when he brought the order the man asked him to sit and have a chat with him. The man agreed with it and they had an interesting conversation.

The man also told how he lost his hearing and more about himself.
The woman was amazed by the moment and pictured them together.

The photo appeared on social media and won everyone’s hearts. His act is worth praising.
People were happy to see such a kind waiter.

Dylan was also happy for making the man’s day.

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