The old man thought he lost everything in the fire

The photo that shocked everyone was widely spread on social media. The photographer captured the moment when the man held her cat and watched how his house was burning.

Ali Meshe was at home when his wife and sons were on their business. He suddenly smelled something and went to see what it was. The wooden house was burning.

Fortunately, he managed to get out of the house. At that moment he forgot about important documents and everything else. He felt that he was losing everything. Luckily, his lovely cat also managed to escape from the house.

Ali captured the moment when the man started to cry by seeing how he lost his house.
This story became famous in Turkey. The government should provide necessary assistance.

They also promised that soon the family would move to a new house. Now the family lives in their son’s house.
Although a bad thing happened, this family would get support.
And always remember that there is good even in the worst situation.

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