The old man died after losing his lovely pet

Our pets are the only rescue in our hard times. Especially for those who are all alone.
This old man has had a beloved dog for more than 14 years.

Ken was very kind but he rarely left the house. And everything changed when his dog became ill. Ken was in awful condition and his neighbors decided to help him.

The man did not have enough money to take the dog to the vet.
One of the neighbors named Carol decided to share this story on social media and receive help from kind people.

They should do everything to save the animal.
And soon they got a response from Elaine Seamans, who is the founder of an animal rescue center.

Elaine did everything to save the animal but he could not survive.
And this was not the end.

After his death, the owner had a heart attack and also died.

And this story proved how important the role animals could play in our lives.
The owner could not overcome the loss and die shortly after his pet’s death.

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