The old husband walks about 6 miles to see his wife and made her happy

This 98-year-old man proved to everyone that true love could exist.
Luther Younger is still devoted to his wife after being married for 55 years and loves her so much.

Now his wife is in hospital and the poor man walks about 6 miles every day to see her.
And so he became popular in the city and everyone respected him.

He could take a taxi or bus but he did not. Also, many kind people suggested their help.
But the man considers it as daily exercise.

And that’s why he is in great physical shape.
Many people could not believe that he is at such an age.

I do everything to stay athletic even at this age, he said.
WaverleeYounger had a brain tumor.

And 9 years ago doctors expected that she could not live more than 5 years. But she is strong and proved everyone the opposite. She did not want to give up and left her husband alone.

So, she stayed at the hospital for the past 9 years.
Her husband and daughter are very attentive and caring to her. And her husband visits her every day.

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