The old dog was left alone with a letter next to it

When the man saw the dog it was too sad. And next to it the man found a letter and that spoiled his mood.
The name of the dog was Tessa and he was living with a woman.

But when the woman moved to Canada he was left alone as she thought that he could not survive the long trip. The dog left with the neighbor. But they did not get along well and the neighbor sent him to live on the street.

And the letter explained why the dog was on the street.
When Alan read the letter she was shocked.

He later shared the picture of Tessa and also the note on the internet. And the owner of the dog saw the post about her pet.
The woman was surprised by what she read.

Every time she spoke with her neighbor, the neighbor kept convincing her that she loved the dog and that he would be very careful with it. But he did not.

Allan helped Tessa. He also wrote about his emotions about this story on social media.

The poor dog did not know how to survive in the streets. But I will do my best to help this poor creature, wrote Alan.
He also took the animal to a shelter. Here, the staff would start to find a caring family for it.

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