The old cat could not move because of his matted fur and fortunately kind people noticed him on time

The cat called Buttercup was very glad when he was matted at the Nevada shelter.
The animal wandered for many years.

His previous owners allowed him out for a walk but one day they abandoned the poor animal. The cat walked around the house and kind neighbors often fed him but no one wanted to take him home.

While at the shelter the animal was matted. And people did this carefully so he could not feel depressed.
His skin was dry and tight and he was in a bad condition. But they did everything to improve his condition.

Although he is old, he is such a joyful creature and loves getting along with other cats.
And fortunately he managed to find a new owner.

And we are happy as this poor cat deserved the best and now has a permanent place to spend the rest of his life.
Let’s hope that he will never be alone again and his owners will be very careful with him.

He really deserved the best and to feel the love of people.

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