The old and deaf dog saved a little girl who was lost in the forest

This old dog who was dead and almost bling was a real hero.
A few weeks ago, a little girl called Aurora was lost. She was walking with her old dog when they got lost.

The police started looking for the girl.
They continue searching the whole night. In the morning, the grandmother went to the top of the mountain and found Max.

He recognized the grandma and led her to the place where the girl was.
They were walking when they lost their way home.

So, the girl was afraid and hid so no one would find them. Max stayed with her all the time and did not leave her alone.
Also, Max hugged her and kept her warm.

Luckily, they both were fine when they were found. So, the dog’s loyalty helped them to find the girl. Max was old and blind but protected the girl the way he could. Now, Max was awarded a special medal and the parents are very thankful to him.

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