The old abandoned pet finally find its home

The owners abandoned the old dog and left it on the street. The poor animal was all in maggots. She did not understand what happened and why she was left alone. But she had a desire to live.

The animal rescue center did its best to treat the dog and find him a kind owner. But no one wanted to take her because of her age. But then suddenly one kind person wanted to help the poor dog.

Now, the dog is in her new home and she will never be left alone again.
The dog called Belky was noticed in the street and the animal rescue center took it. The dog underwent a medical examination.

After getting some treatment the animal was ready to find a new home.
It was Brianna who noticed the post of the animal on social media and loved her so much.

And when they met she believed that they were born for each other.
Brianne was very careful with the dog and gave everything she deserved.

‘I know many people want to adopt a pet and no one likes old dogs but I decided to help this poor animal and that was one of my best decisions’ said the woman.

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