The nurses did everything to save the 8 years old stranger

Sometimes trouble comes from where we did not expect. And sometimes you get help from where you did not expect. And this happened to the heroes of this story.

The boy named Brayden Auten was an ordinary child. He loved sports and games with his friends.
But once he suddenly started to feel bad. It was hard for him to even walk.

The parents did not think that something was wrong with their son but to be confident they took him to the doctor.
And it turned out that he had some serious problems.

The disease destroyed his vital organs. And there is a need for liver transparency.
He was getting worse day by day.

Parents started to look for a donor. But no one matched.
The young nurse named Cami Loritz was working in the same hospital and she was worried about the patient’s life. So, she decided to help him in any way.

She passed tests and it turned out that she could be a donor.
The parents were so happy about this. They could not believe that a stranger could help their son.

Fortunately, the operation was successful. And he could soon return to his ordinary life.

He was an important person for their family.
The boy befriended his savior and the whole family was thankful to the young nurse who saved their son’s life.

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