The mother refused to abandon her daughter and look what she become now

Renee was pregnant but there is bad news. Her daughter had Down Syndrome.
Doctors suggested she should leave her in an orphanage as she needed care.

The child also should wear diapers.
But the mother did not give up and decided to provide her the best life she could.

The girl called Kennedy turned out to have leukemia. But she handled it.
Kennedy proved to everyone that they did not have the right opinion about her. And she overcame her illness.

The girl always dreamed about becoming a dancer.
And despite everything she became a model for many famous brands. And her smile melted everyone’s hearts.

She even found love. The guy called Matthew also had Down Syndrome.
Rene realized how wrong the doctors were who claimed that the child could not have a full life.

Her achievement surprised everyone and even inspired them. So, if she could do so everyone could do the same.
And the key to success was not the physical condition but the perseverance of life.

This family should become a role model for those who hesitate whether to leave their children or not.
Nowadays, Kennedt has about 130000 followers and she still has goals that she will soon achieve.

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