The mother looked after her premature puppies with great attention

When babies are born prematurely they should stay in an incubator, not with their mother. But the mother was so worried and could not leave them alone. She looked after them very carefully.

The mother gave birth to 3 puppies. So, the doctors placed them in an incubator to help them become stronger.
But the mother wanted to just be with her babies. But she was not allowed to do it.

She just looked through the glass.
Kuma is an amazing parent. The dad was also there. He also waited for his babies to welcome them.

He is also happy to see his puppies.
Fortunately, the babies become stronger soon and could no longer stay in the incubator.

So, they can already return home with their mother and father. The happy owner was also with them.
It was nice that they are healthy enough to come back home. Now the mother can fully take care of the babies.

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