The mother gave birth to 2 sons who surprised everyone

Children are usually born without hair but in this family 2 brothers were born with a lot of hair on their heads.
This family became famous due to their sons’ appearance.

Stanley and George seem to be ordinary boys at the first sight. The boys were born with dense hair on their heads.
The doctors even had to carry scissors when the eldest one was born.

His hair covered his eyes and reached to his nose.
During the first months of their lives, the parents cut his hair too often.

But it was a complicated process as the boy did not want to have a haircut.
Even the hairdressers were surprised when they saw the newborn baby with a lot of hair.

After some years they had another son and Shelton also had long hair.
The boys hardly wear hats as they could not stay in their heads, joked the mother.

Fortunately, Stanley likes going to a hairdresser.

Doctors find that this is because of genetics and everything is good with their health.
The parents also have thick hair.

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