The mother elephant gifted her infant baby up after a tumble

Elephants are protective animals like many animals. Especially mothers look after their babies when they start to walk.
The photographer captured an amazing moment when the elephant looked after her infant baby.

That happened in South Africa.
A man named Charl Stols was riding in Botswana when saw the mother elephant with her babies who came closer to the river for a drink.

So, he did not lose the moment and took some photos and saw one of the kindest gestures that the mother did for her baby.
The mother was always there to help her baby. Moms always protect their cubs.

The smallest one was only a couple of hours old.
The baby plunged and the mom helped him to lift.

This moment touched everyone. How could animals be so caring?
The photographer also captured their family. He could not imagine what such great pictures he took.

There are so many elephants there but this one was special.
Then, they managed to cross the river and the little one also did it.

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